MARK AND JACK RICHARDSON PROMO PHOTOMark Richardson and Jack Richardson

When it comes to story-telling, Mark and Jack Richardson are fondly referred to as two peas in a ‘chatter-box’ pod. Mark is a former Melbourne magazine editor, newspaper columnist, media character creator and regularly tours South East Asia presenting Creative Writing Seminars and Media workshops at major Universities.

Jack is four years of age with an outstanding imagination! Born in the same hospital as his Dad in Australia (well, quite a few years apart in time…) Jack has two older brothers, two older sisters, a pet dog and pet frogs – this can be difficult when you like to talk a lot at dinner time! Jack is passionate about learning and loves listening to Coldplay. When he grows up he would like to be a palaeontologist. Jack loves to get dressed up, complete with hat, spade and magnifying glass, to dig in the garden looking for treasures.

 ”I love you the whole world and back again’ is a simple book with a simple message, written together by this father and son duo to express their love and strengthen their bond during Mark’s international travels.