Mark Nasir has spent his adult life writing and performing. Back in the 90′s it was all about indie music, sweaty venues and songs of angst. Now in his forties he still performs most days of the week but to a much different audience….Toddlers. He runs his own children’s entertainment business…Piccolos Music Club. And it is at his Music club where he finds the inspiration for his stories. Each tale has been tried, tested and fine-tuned on the youngsters that attend his daily sessions. His stories are either performed in song or have a musical theme and many lend themselves to paperback which is where Rudling House got involved.  His first book, The Nosiest Band in the Land is a royal tale, with a punk rock twist.  A delightfully illustrated book which will appeal to both adults and children alike.

Father of two, Mark lives in rural Bedfordshire, from where he operates his business, in between school runs. Born and raised in Milton Keynes for 30 years he made the short trip to over the county border and has been there ever since. His song writing took a distinct change of direction when his two daughters came along and needed entertaining. Silly songs and stories poured from his adoring heart which eventually formed the bare bones of today’s Piccolos set list.