Colin the Cloud


Colin the Cloud is a wonderful story of an individual realising their dreams. Colin is a little cloud that lives in the lower part of the sky, and for him life is boring. He wants to travel the world and see its wonders. So he seeks the guidance of a wise old cloud called Arif. Together they embark on an adventure to reach the top of the sky, where strong winds, the Jet Stream, take clouds on global routes. However the journey to the top of the sky involves hitching a ride on the powerful updrafts that exist within huge thunderstorm clouds. These angry clouds are the most dangerous in the atmosphere, and there’s a high risk that Arif and Colin could be struck by lightning and plummet to earth as a hailstone, never to be a cloud again. Colin makes it to the top – but Arif doesn’t, he secretly has other plans.

Colin the Cloud is a rhyming story for 4 to 7 year olds. As well as being packed full of fun and adventure it has some key learning points about weather and simple atmospheric physics. The key focus is wind, and how air travels up and down as well as horizontally. The back pages of the book bring to life the dynamics of a Thunderstorm, and are a great talking point for parents and their kids and a perfect platform for a school lesson on weather.

Clare’s meteorological expertise, and journalistic experience coupled with being a mum of a four-year bring the elements of storytelling and solid science together. Colin the Cloud is the first of a set of five books.


Blue skies all the way when reading Colin, no matter what the weather! - Colin the Cloud is so full of adventure, it has the magic of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and the innocence of Thomas the Tank Engine. It not only tells a beautiful story it educates as well. The child in us all, no matter what age, will love it. The words and pictures together weave a spell taking us on a journey of discovery – .M C Ramsay Amazon Verified Purchase

Colin the Cloud – he’s adorable! - Lorraine Kelly, Presenter, ITV

In a generation saturated with cloud technology, Clare Nasir brings us an educational nature story of inspiration and fulfilment, showcasing the endearing personality of Colin the Cloud. In her enigmatic style, blending super-knowledge with a maternal warmth, Clare has created a series of characters to introduce children into the world of meteorology with elements of fun, danger, excitement and achievement. Clare’s subliminal message of ‘reach for the stars’, and ‘follow your dreams’ is testament to her infectious passion for sharing information and arming our children with an arsenal of science education for life. A wonderful debut in children’s literature. - A five star review – Verified Amazon purchase

Me & my 4 year old daughter just loved this book! Educational but in a fun way with adorable characters. Making weather easy & fun to understand! This is a regular bed time story in our house, looking forward to the next instalment in the Colin the Cloud Series. Highly recommended. -Nicola Smithson

A Fanstastic Story! - A wonderful way to introduce the little ones to the world of weather (with some serious science made easy). The beautiful rhyming story and bold illustrations will keep children engaged from page one as they follow Colin’s big adventure.  And for the grownups reading the book, in the last pages, there is a more detailed explanation of how things work inside a thunderstorm, which is a “lifesaver” if you are reading the story to that child that always want to know a little bit more. A five star review by AC of Manchester 

My 6 year old daughter and I both love this book - My 6 year old daughter and I both love this book. It has a similar poetic and rhythmic feel to many of Julia Donaldson’s books and yet you’re on a journey of discovery too. It’s helped to answer some of those difficult weather phenomenons that my daughter is intent on challenging me with and the art work is really fun too. Would definitely recommend this; in fact I’m buying more copies for my nephews (younger and older than 6). JayZee

My children (7 and 4) and I love this book - My children (7 and 4) and I love this book! It is a truly fantastic introduction to the world of weather through the eyes of the very charismatic Colin the Cloud, told through an engaging, rhyming story full of description and adventure that kept my children enthralled to the end. With its eye catching illustrations this is an absolute must buy for all parents of young children! – Katie Tornes

My daughter absolutely loves it, so much so that … - My daughter absolutely loves it, so much so that I have bought three more copies of Colin the Cloud for her friends. It is a lovely story book that also teaches them all about the weather, she asks me to read it to her most nights and heaven forbid I try to skip the last page! She can almost memorise it all. Sally Bullock – Verified Amazon purchase

Five Stars - Lovely book for my grand-daughter.  Noreen – Verified Amazon purchase

Five Stars - Great read for children.  Eric B Hale – Verified Amazon purchase

Very informative for a small child’s book - Brilliant illustrations. Interesting way to educate small children – Nannydor – Verified Amazon purchase

Great book - Beautiful illustration & fun story too - AJ – Verified Amazon purchase 

5 Stars - Clever little book – Gail Kirby – Verified Amazon purchase

About the Author

A fully qualified, Met office trained, weather forecaster with 20 years’ experience, Clare’s first love has always been weather and science. Her qualifications speak for themselves with a degree in Maths, Masters in Applied Oceanography and a Diploma in Environmental Policy. During her ten years as GMTV’s weather anchor she was in charge of the output and production for science and weather stories. Today, as a freelance presenter she works for BBC North West and as a weather pundit on various TV and radio stations, including BBC Breakfast. She recently co-presented the much-acclaimed Children’s science documentary series Fierce Earth for CBBC, now in its second series.

Writing regularly for the Huffington Post on science and weather, and many other newspapers and magazines, including First News, the children’s newspaper, her love of science is accompanied by a wealth of qualifications, including a recent diploma in Environmental Policy.

Clare is the ambassador for the National Campaign on Healthy Air, this involves working closely with environmental law firm, Client Earth, and speaking for the campaign at the House of Lords as well as other events and press interviews, she is also an ambassador for the Princes Trust.  Clare lives in Manchester with her husband and 4 year old daughter Sienna. She is a proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society and talks regularly at schools about weather, science and motivational issues.


ISBN: 978-0-9928689-0-1
Title: Colin the Cloud
Author: Clare Nasir
Illustrator: Adam Stanway
BIC Category: YB, YBL, 5AD
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 250×280 mm
RRP: £6.99

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