Gregory the Greenfield Giant


On a hilltop called Pots and Pans above the Saddleworth town of Greenfield, lives a friendly Giant called Gregory. Each night, Gregory and his friends have great fun and adventures in the hills and reservoirs. As you wake up in the morning, Gregory and his friends lay down below the grass and limestone and go to sleep, dreaming of their next adventures.  When you look at the hilltops around you, look carefully, as there may be a giant sleeping there.

Walking through this landscape of limestone outcrops, it’s easy to see how Chris Horrocks was inspired to create this quirky fun character whilst spending time at Dovestone Reservoir with his nephews, nieces, son and daughter. Over a series of tales Chris introduces us to Gregory and his friends through their adventures together. With the delightful illustrations of Jake Tynan, both children and parents will together feel the warmth of these stories. A peaceful, reassuring, magical experience waits, with underlying themes of friendship and teamwork, as the Giants and animals overcome each obstacle together.

Combining mythical fantasy and the physical geography of this rugged moorland, the Gregory stories carry a message of  ‘learn as you live’ and ‘treat others as you expect to be treated’ with this larger than life character enjoying life and friendships.


fantastic book and one my nephews and godsons will enjoy … fantastic book and one my nephews and godsons will enjoy so much….bought one for each of them for a Christmas stocking filler. - Nicola Wardman – Verified Amazon purchase

A great success – I first heard about this story when the Author was touring local schools reading to children. I was fortunate enough to be given permission to read a draft version to my kids (6&4 years old) who were immediately Gregory fans. They have pestered me to buy the first book (which I have pre-ordered) and they cannot wait for the rest of the series. We were taken into a magical land of beauty together with larger than life characters. We have already visited Dovestone Reservoir and been Gregory and Chiefy spotting! This is going to be a big hit with kids and parents everywhere. Get Gregory today. – Amazon customer


ISBN: 978-0-9928689-9-4
Author: Chris Horrocks
Illustrator: Jake Tynan
Size:  250 x 280 mm
Pages:  24
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 3rd November, 2014
RRP: £6.99