Steve the Stratus


Steve the Stratus cloud is stressed – his job is to drizzle which makes everything grey and dreary. Luckily his friend Lisa has plans for a fabulous new career. But will this be enough to brighten up Steve’s day?  A funny and colourful story of friends following their dreams.  The tale provides a wonderful insight into the workings of weather.

Steve the Stratus is a rhyming story for 4 to 7 year olds. As well as being packed full of fun and adventure it has some key learning points about weather and simple atmospheric physics. It is a great talking point for parents and their kids and a perfect platform for a school lesson on weather.

Clare’s meteorological expertise, journalistic experience, coupled with being a mum of a four-year old; bring the elements of storytelling and solid science together. Steve the Stratus is the second book in the Cloud Academy Series.

About the Author

A fully qualified, Met office trained, weather forecaster with 20 years’ experience, Clare’s first love has always been weather and science. Her qualifications speak for themselves with a degree in Maths, Masters in Applied Oceanography and a Diploma in Environmental Policy.

During her ten years as GMTV’s weather anchor she was in charge of the output and production for science and weather stories. Today, as a freelance presenter she works for BBC North West and as a weather pundit on various TV and radio stations, including BBC Breakfast. She recently co-presented the much-acclaimed children’s science documentary series Fierce Earth for CBBC, now in its second series.

Writing regularly for the Huffington Post on science and weather, and many other newspapers and magazines, including First News, the children’s newspaper, her love of science is accompanied by a wealth of qualifications, including a recent diploma in Environmental Policy.

Clare is the ambassador for the National Campaign on Healthy Air, this involves working closely with environmental law firm, Client Earth, and speaking for the campaign at the House of Lords as well as other events and press interviews, she is also an ambassador for the Princes Trust.  Clare lives in Manchester with her husband and 4 year old daughter Sienna. She is a proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society and talks regularly at schools about weather, science and motivational issues.


Title:           Steve the Stratus
ISBN:          978-0-9928689-2-5
Author:      Clare Nasir
Illustrator: Ana Carloto O’Shea
Size:           25 x 28 cm
Pages:        28
Binding:    Full coloured illustrated paperback
Age:           Children Ages 4-7
Published: 5th May, 2015
RRP:          £6.99