Victor the Volcano


Victor is an island in the Mediterranean Sea with high hopes.  He wants to be a volcano and burst with fiery pride, but how?  He must go on a journey of discovery to find out the secrets of how volcanoes dance and sing.  This tale follows Victor on a colourful and explosive journey that introduces children to the wonderful  world of volcanoes and where they are found. Author Dougal Jerram, a Professor in Volcanic Rocks, has used his expertise and passion to bring volcanoes to life for young children.  The learning pages in the back of the book include a map of the world showing the continents where the volcanoes that are featured in the book are located and the Inside the Volcano explains the internal workings of a volcano.  A great story with a valuable education message for children and a useful guide for both parents and teachers.


“A great chance to meet some of the world’s most famous volcanoes!”
Sir Tony Robinson: actor, writer, TV presenter.

Great Stuff
Victor the Volcano is a great book for any young child, it is beautifully and colourfully illustrated and imaginatively written. I bought this for my son, who loves it, in particular Uncle Etna! The great thing about it is that aside from a good story, behind the book is interesting science. After reading the book, it quickly went on to my son wanting to know more. This ended up with me showing him YouTube videos of Etna erupting, Hawaii, Pyroclastic flows in Japan etc and him being being gobsmacked – Dr Nick

A Right of Passage for Victor the Volcano
I was commanded by my daughter to read this book for a few consecutive nights, she loved it so much. It is packed with excitement and adventure. The mountains have human like quality with fire coming out of their heads giving them golden crowns of glory. Highly recommended! – Amazon customer.

Geology Book for Young Scientists
Colourful well-written book with attractive drawings. Learn where volcanoes occur in the world through the journey of Victor the volcano. A book for small children to enjoy whilst it’s being read to them. Full of facts to satisfy even the most keen young scientist – Sarah

Super Book
Super book! My daughter loved it! A great read and fab illustrations. Hope there will be more! – Lea Scott

A Delightful Story to Educate and Enjoy
Victor the volcano is an ideal gift for any young child. A delightful story to educate and enjoy – Margaret Garland

About the Author

Dougal (aka Dr Volcano) has been picking up rocks since as long as he can remember.  He has a BSc in Geology and PhD in volcanic rocks.  He currently holds a Professor II position at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics at the University of Oslo and is a CBBC presenter for the science series ‘Fierce Earth’.  Dougal is passionate about understanding our dynamic blue-green planet and sharing that knowledge in writing, broadcasting and teaching.  A keen outdoor enthusiast, he has travelled the world in search of answers to its geological past and its active present, visiting many of the Earth’s extreme regions from Antarctica to Africa and beyond.


Title:            Victor the Volcano
ISBN:           978-0-9928689-3-2
Author:        Dougal Jerram
Illustrator:  David Erdos
Size:             25 x 28 cm
Pages:          36
Binding:      Full colour illustrated paperback
Age:             Children Ages 5-9
Published:  18th June, 2015
RRP:            £6.99