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Submitting Your Manuscript

Submissions from new authors are always welcome at Rudling House. There are a number of criteria which we use when considering or assessing a piece of work for publication. Commercial viability is, of course, our first priority, but we also look for originality together with a sense of style and an appeal to a wide readership. Every submission is considered on its individual merits. Work is never rejected or accepted automatically and we give a very generous amount of time and consideration to authors who submit their work to us.

We will always reply to your submission with an honest critique plus suggestions as to your next step.

Submission Guidelines

Please consult the guidelines below before submitting your manuscript:

  • Manuscripts to be submitted by email attachment and accompanied by a synopsis or précis of the whole book describing the content in no more than 700 words. Clearly state the classification or genre of your submission, i.e. fiction, non-fiction.
  • Attach a short covering letter detailing your full name, address, date of writing, title and length (word count) of manuscript. Include any notable achievements (eg. charity fund raising, local voluntary work, sporting achievements etc.) which may engage public attention.
  • All pages of the manuscript should be clearly presented and typed using double line spacing. Please incorporate a wide margin of at least 4cm around text.
  • Number each page of the manuscript and begin chapters on a new page.
  • Poetry should be typed in the same format as you want it to appear, i.e. centred or justified.

Advice for Authors

We publish books written by a diverse choice of authors, extending from fictional novelists, to the writers of historical and modern day fact, or well-researched topical subjects.

Manuscripts can include biographies of famous individuals, autobiographies or inspirational true stories, contemporary and current international matters of political interest, educational books, religious subjects, and those concerning literary and women’s issues. Historical accounts, well-researched general non-fiction, poetry and short stories are also welcome.


Current popular genres  including crime, romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, medical, myth & legend, classic fiction.  Short stories and collections are also welcome

Aim for:

  • Exciting story
  • Strong, well-planned and believable plot
  • Interesting characters whose personalities and actions grip the reader
  • Good, powerful story line
  • Appropriate and stimulating ending


For example, the Arts, biography, autobiography and inspirational true stories,  historical, scientific or cultural genre, sport, travel, film, cookery, psychology, language, hobbies, pets, education, religion, technology, computing, sociology, travel and leisure, English for Foreigners, etc.

Must be:

  • Well researched
  • Of interest to a sizeable section of the reading public (not too obscure)
  • Illustrations only when appropriate
  • Wherever possible, endorsed by an expert in the subject field.

Commitment to Authors

Rudling House books are produced in either paperback or hardback form, using the most up-to-date methods and machinery available in the publishing and printing process. All titles can also be converted into e-books.  Titles listed under the Rudling House imprint will be promoted using a combination of the following marketing tools:

  • Inclusion on Rudling House website
  • Social networking under Rudling House brand via:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google +
    • Blogs
  • Press release submitted to relevant publications
  • Promotional campaign in author’s local area to include local media, book launches and signings
  • Promotion via Amazon, Nielsens, Gardners
  • POS materials as required