Yvette Fielding first appeared on our screens in the children’s favourite ‘Seaview’ at the age of 13 and was snapped up by the producers of ‘Blue Peter’ when she was just 17. She went on to win the SOS Award for the Most Popular Woman on television, beating esteemed nominees Cilla Black, Victoria Wood and Kylie Minogue. In 2017 she was voted the most popular ‘Blue Peter’ presenter of all time in a poll by the Radio Times. Following a career break to look after her two children, William and Mary, she set up Antix Productions with husband Karl, a cameraman and producer. Their flagship show, ‘Most Haunted’, was first aired in the UK in 2001 and has become a hit around the world currently on the Really channel in the UK and Amazon Prime in the US. An avid reader herself, Yvette was inspired to write Archie following a dream of a little boy and a fat dog and the constant requests from Most Haunted fans for something for children.